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Transport of LPG & Cylinders

50kg cylinder: We have partnered with large establishments like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and industrial enterprises to supply them with all their LPG requirements to power their operations. This cylinder size is usually accompanied by a high-pressure regulator to step down the pressure to the right levels depending on the requirements of your kitchen or appliance. This enhances safety and efficiency levels so that you can enjoy a great user experience.

6kg cylinders, 13kg and 50kg cylinders: We supply our large clientele base with clean and safe domestic LPG solutions at affordable prices. We have developed a wide distribution network to ensure our customers access their preferred LPG brand easily and conveniently. Our resellers are well trained to enhance the customer experience during and after purchase to nurture a relationship of trust and reliability.

Reticulated Gas: Reticulated gas is simply LPG distributed by a network of pipes. This is one of our innovative solutions offered especially to hotels and other large installations that require regular supply in large quantities. Our highly professional personnel will safely connect the right pressure pipes to a storage vessel away from the customer’s site. The customer does not need to incur the cost of acquiring the cylinder, but only pays for the gas consumed.

LPG Accessories

 LPG cylinder accessories are parts that enhance the functionality of the LPG cylinder and offer different uses. We supply different LPG cylinder accessories, which vary according to customer expectations. Some of the accessories we supply include cylinder valves and regulators, expertly designed and developed to compatibility with our cylinders to offer you the highest safety standards.

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